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Software Projects - PIC Software

Here is the source for my Rugby Clock.

All the project files using the Hi-Tech compiler and MPLAB are available here:

The .hex file can be programmed into the PIC without a compiler.

An alternative version using the CCS compiler is available here (.hex not included):

PIC LCD Source

This file contains the functions for controlling the LCD screen, as used by the rugby clock. It should be included in another source file, see clock.c below for an example.

PIC Clock Source

This file contains the functions for decoding the time from the rugby clock. It uses the above lcd.c functions to display the time on the screen. The assembler created for the complete project is given below, with the source code in parallel. (Generated by the CSC compiler).

PIC Clock List

This file contains the assembler generated by the CSC compiler from the above C source code. The source code is included in parallel, which shows the lines of PIC code generated for each line of C source code.